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Definition, Notification and Rapid Reviews


A Child Safeguarding Practice Review is a multi-agency case review by the local safeguarding children partnership (LSCP) of the circumstances of serious child safeguarding cases.

Serious child safeguarding cases are those in which:

  • Abuse or neglect of a child is known or suspected and
  • The child has died or been seriously harmed

The authority to conduct a child safeguarding practice review is described in Government guidance. For reference see Working Together to Safeguard Children, HM Government 2018.

Notification Process

Please use the link below in order to make a notification to the KSCMP for a case to be considered by the KSCMP Rapid Review Panel.

If it is urgent, and particularly if there are any significant media interest, please call 03000 421126, before completing and submitting the referral form.

Rapid Review Process

Following the submission of a notification, a rapid review will be commenced where the key points of contact across all KSCMP’s multi-agency partners will be contacted to determine if their agency was involved in the case and if so, to request a summary of this involvement be provided in a report.

There is a timescale of 15 days in which the Rapid Review Panel must make a decision about whether the case meets the criteria for a child safeguarding practice review (based on the information provided by agencies) and send this recommendation to the Child Safeguarding Practice Review Panel who will respond in approximately 10 days with their decision.