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Contextual Safeguarding

Contextual Safeguarding is an approach to understanding, and responding to, children and young people's experiences of significant harm beyond their families. It recognises that the different relationships young people form in their neighbourhoods, schools and online can feature violence and abuse.  Parents/carers have little influence over these contexts, and young people's experiences of extra-familiar abuse can undermine parent-child relationships.  Contextual Safeguarding, therefore, expands the objectives of child protection systems in recognition that young people are vulnerable to abuse in a range of social contexts. (Firmin 2017)

Learning objectives for this course are as follows:

  • Explore challenges in the current system to work in a Contextual Safeguarding way.
  • An introduction and an overview of the Contextual Safeguarding Approach.
  • How can you apply Contextual Safeguarding to your practice.

Upcoming Dates

KSCP are currently offering this course via Microsoft Teams . To book a place, please click you preferred event date.

Please note you will be asked to join a follow up webinar on the 10 November 2020.  The webinar will help us explore how you have considered and implemented Contextual Safeguarding in your organisation since attending the course.