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Effects of Parental Substance Misuse from Conception to Adolescene

This course will help generate a greater understanding of the issues facing children and young people of substance misusing parents, the impact of pre-natal drug exposure, and the risks of using drugs during pregnancy. The course will also help professionals to identify the early warning indicators in children of substance misusing parents, and work effectively with parents and children.

By the end of this course participants will be able to:

  • Learn how attitudes can impact on a professional's ability to work effectively with drug/alcohol misusing parents
  • Define the categories of drugs and alcohol that can affect an unborn baby's health
  • Gain awareness of the facts and concepts surrounding pre-natal drug exposure
  • Describe how substances reach a developing foetus
  • Gain knowledge of the most commonly misused drugs, including their street names and legal status
  • Understand the effects of misusing drugs and alcohol
  • Increase knowledge of the potential sources of harm associated with parental drugs use

Upcoming Dates

Dates for this course will be published soon.