Understanding and assessing suicide risk during the pandemic (level 2)

A suicide prevention strategy within Kent County Council, Children, Young People and Education (CYPE) Service, was formulated in June 2020, following the analysis into the death of a number of females aged 18-35 years during lockdown in Spring 2020. The analysis identified the need to support 17 year old Children in Care transitions to post 18 services during a difficult period. It was agreed training would be beneficial for CYPE staff and multi-agency partners to support practitioners in learning basic skills in managing conversations and safety planning during those first contacts with individuals.

This course will consider:

  • what we know i.e. suicide statistics nationally and locally, high risk groups and factors
  • dispelling myths around suicide
  • asking the question and examining the language we use to support crisis management
  • question and answer (Q&A) with staff.

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