Father Inclusive Guidance

Father inclusive practice means that the needs of fathers and father figures are responded to through the planning, development, and delivery of services by:

  • recognising the diverse circumstances, strengths and interests of fathers,
  • taking a positive approach to the diversity of men, their needs, and expectations,
  • encouraging fathers and service providers to openly celebrate and value fathering.

A lack of father inclusivity has been cited as a factor in both national and local child safeguarding practice reviews, as well as in a broad range of research. Father inclusion is an essential element of practice with children and families to ensure the wellbeing and safeguarding of children and young people.

Kent has produced Father Inclusive Guidance and accompanying resources to support practitioners and service providers in taking an inclusive approach to fathers.

Kent Father Inclusive Guidance
(PDF, 546.4 KB)

Kent Father Inclusive One Minute Guide (PDF, 251.7 KB)

Kent Father Inclusive Checklist (PDF, 151.6 KB)

Engaging New and Expectant Dads - Workforce Development resources

As part of the Start for Life & Family Hubs Programme, more than 100 new and expectant Dads in Kent have shared their views and expeirences of the perinatal period. Working with 'Works for All' (commissioned by KCC) they have co-created a new model for engaging Dads, the 1 minute interaction, and a suite of brief video resources for professionals: Engaging New Dads in Your Service.

These resources offer a wealth of information to help teams in engaging Dads in their services, and have been designed flexibly so you can select individual topics, or what them as a series for more extended team development. Please email startforlife@kent.gov.uk if you have any questions or feedback.

Copies of the  z-cards o support the 1 minute interaction, as well as additional Start for Life resources can be ordered online.