Worried about a child

If you are worried about the safety of a child or young person please complete a request for support form via the new Kent Children's portal.

Report a concern

(If you are experiencing difficulties in accessing the portal  - please try using an alternative browser such as Edge).

If the child is in immediate danger, call the emergency services using 999.

If you need to make contact out of working hours please call the Out of Hours Services on 03000 41 91 91.

For professionals

If you are a professional who is considering completing a request for support form have you considered the following:

  • Does your concern meet Level 3 or 4 of the Support Levels Guidance?
  • Do you have agreement to engage from the child or family?
  • Do you need advice?
  • Have you discussed the matter with your Designated Safeguarding Lead?

View Kent support level guidance

Kent children's portal

To access the Kent children's portal, you will need to set-up an account. When setting up your account please follow the instructions below:

  • select 'my account' from the menu bar
  • click on the 'register for new account' button
  • enter your name as requested (select 'next' to move on)
  • enter your email address, create a password conforming to the requirements as stated, then confirm the password (select 'next' to move on)
  • a code will be sent to your given email address. Enter the code in the field provided (select 'next' to move one)
  • you will then see a message confirming your registration was successful. This will then take you back to the form.

When you are registered you can use the same account for any subsequent requests - you will always receive an authentication code, however this is received quickly and ensures security of the information submitted.

View Kent children's portal user guidance

View Kent children's portal instruction video

Individual accounts are recommended but where this is not possible (for some of our partner agencies) it is advised that users within a service should be kept to a minimum.

Most browsers can be used to access the portal, however Google Chrome is recommended for greater efficiency.

There will be a facility to provide feedback, and whilst the Front Door won't be able to respond to individuals, we will be regularly reviewing and using feedback to further develop the portal.

You will be able to save and print a PDF copy of your submitted request for support form.