Missing children

The reasons a child or young person runs away or goes missing are variable. These reasons are often referred to as push or pull factors. A child or young person can be 'pushed' from something, including (but not limited to) abuse, neglect, family conflict and bullying. Alternatively, a child or young person can be 'pulled' towards something, for example, those who wish to groom children and young people who run away or goes missing is an indicator that the child or young person is at risk and/or in danger.

A child or young person who goes missing just once faces the same immediate risks as those who regularly go missing. However, children who go missing when they are young )and/or with greater frequency) are more likely to face longer term problems.

Kent Process

In Kent, there are processes to follow with children who are missing (or missing education).

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When young people go missing there is a requirement for staff to offer them an additional follow up interview with Young Lives Foundation.