Everyone's Invited Update - May 2021

The 'Everyone's Invited' testimonial website highlights the issue of harmful sexual behaviour and harassment in schools and other settings. We recognise the site has raised importance safeguarding questions for us all to reflect upon, and has put our schools and education settings at the forefront of media, political, and public attention.

We will listen and respond to the published accounts and issues raised by the website affecting children and young people in Kent, as we know how vitally important it is that all our children are able to thrive in environments that are free from harassment and abuse.

We will also continue to work closely with partners in Kent Police and the Education sector to ensure that safeguarding remains a priority.

Where to go for help

We encourage anyone who has been affected by these incidents to tell someone they trust. We will also ensure all referrals made to us will be dealt with appropriately and at pace.


The Department of Education has commissioned the NSPCC to establish a dedicated independent helpline for people who have experienced abuse in education.

The helpline went live on the 1 April 2021 and provides children and adults who have experienced sexual abuse in schools with support and advice. The helpline will also provide support to parents and professionals. Anyone who gets in touch through this dedicated helpline will be signposted to other relevant support services that are available - including Childline, which provides ongoing support and counselling to children and young people.

Visit NSPCC website

Kent Children's Social Care:

Members of the public, professionals, and children and young people themselves can also report any safeguarding concerns they may have about a child or young person to our social care services.

Make a request for support

View details about reporting a child or adult safeguarding concern

Other helpful links:

If you have concerns about a child you can also phone:

  • NSPCC on 0808 800 5000
  • Childline on 0800 1111
  • Kent Police on 01622 690690