Child death overview process

Reporting a child death

To report the death of a child resident in Kent please complete a Form A (notification of a child death) within 24 hours.

Complete Form A

If you have any problems with submitting a notification via the above link please contact 03000 42 47 45 or email

Professionals who are required to complete a Form B will be contacted directly by the NHS Child Death Review Service.

Kent and Medway child death review (CDR) arrangements

The Kent and Medway Clinical Commissioning Group, Kent County Council and Medway Council, as the Child Death Review Partners, have statutory responsibilities for the child death arrangements in Kent and Medway. The Kent and Medway CDR arrangements focus on:

  • combining the geographical areas of the two local authorities by establishing a single approach for undertaking child death reviews. Therefore, the arrangements will cover the deaths of all children that normally live in the Kent and Medway area;
  • review and/or analyse matters relating to the death(s) that are relevant to the welfare of children in the area, including factors relating to public health and safety;
  • consider whether action and changes to procedures should be taken in relation to any matters identified;
  • inform any person or organisation where actions should be taken;
  • ensure the child death review partner arrangements are effectives and continually improve to assist child health and wellbeing in Kent and Medway.

The new Kent and Medway CDR arrangements supersede the previous process which  operated under the KSCMP in September 2019.

View Kent and Medway child death partners arrangements (PDF, 775.2 KB)