The Prevent Strategy aims to stop people becoming terrorists or supporting terrorism. While it remains rare for children and young people to become involved in terrorist activity, young people from an early age can be exposed to terrorist and extremist influences or prejudiced views. As with other forms of safeguarding strategies, early intervention is always preferable.

Concerned about a young person?

If you are concerned about the radicalisation of a young person or other family members please refer the case to the County Channel Panel by completing the prevent referral form, or by contacting the Front Door Team on 03000 41 11 11.

Complete Prevent Referral Form

Kent and Medway Prevent Team

Nick Wilkinson - Prevent and Channel Strategic Manager

Strategic Lead for Prevent; Counter Terrorism Coordinator for Kent County Council; Chair of the Kent Channel Panel; Chair of the South East Prevent and Channel Chairs meeting; Lead Officer for Kent Community Safety Agreement Priority of Preventing Extremism and Hate Crime


Laura Wright - Prevent Coordinator

Coordinates Prevent activity across Kent and Medway agencies, develops and oversees a partnership Prevent plan, and delivers Prevent training to a range of agencies.


Sally Green - Prevent Education Officer (PEO)

Supporting educational establishments across Kent and Medway up to secondary level to implement Prevent through teaching, training, and guidance. Works in partnership with the Department of Education, and the Network of PEO's.


Helene Morris and Lisa Coward - Channel Coordinators

Case managing of Channel referrals and assessing the vulnerability and risk of an individual to radicalisation. Coordinating and working closely with statutory agencies, including Home Office intervention providers to create bespoke intervention places for all individuals recognised as needing relevant Channel support.

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Hannah Chandler - Prevent Business Support Officer

Provides business support to the Prevent Team, and coordinates and supports the Kent Channel Panel, Prevent Delivery Board and Cross Directorate Prevent Group meetings.