Kent support level guidance

Most children and young people have a number of basic needs that are well supported through a range of universal services. These services include schools, early years education and childcare, health, housing, youth services, leisure facilities and services provided by voluntary organisations. However, some children have more additional or complex needs and may require access to additional, intensive or specialist services to support them.

Support Levels

Use the links below to read about the different support levels or view a guidance document with all the support levels.

View Kent Support Level Guidance (PDF, 376.9 KB)

Universal Support - Level 1

Universal services are provided to or are routinely available to all children and families. Read about Universal Support - Level 1

Additional Support - Level 2

Children and families with additional needs who require extra help to improve outcomes. Read about Additional Support - Level 2

Intensive Support - Level 3

Intensive support can be offered to children and families where they have complex or multiple needs requiring local authority services to work together with universal services. Read about Intensive Support - Level 3


Specialist Support - Level 4

Children who are considered to have been harmed or are likely to suffer significant harm as a result of abuse or neglect. Read about Specialist Support-  Level 4


If you feel the needs of the family sit below Support Levels 3 or 4, and you would have previously considered completing an Early Help Notification, please feel free to contact your local Early Help Team for a District Conversation on the contact details below. Your request for advice will be responded to within 2 working days by an Early Help Manager and you will then be able to discuss the needs of a child, young person or family and be provided with advice about the most appropriate type of support available within the community at Support Levels 1 and 2.

View contact details for your local Early Help team.