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Published local child safeguarding practice reviews (LCSPRs)

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Harm to under 2's in Kent thematic review

In May 2022, we conducted a study focusing on the serious incident notifications related to the non-accidental injury (NAI) of under 2's in Kent. Through case analysis, identifying positive practice in similar cases, and engaging directly with professionals, the aim has been to identify key themes that help us understand when and why harm occurs, and what practice can safeguard young children from harm.

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Suicide in children and young people  thematic review

In Autumn 2018, we made the decision to undertake a thematic review of teenage suicides to discuss ideas, thoughts and research strategies following a rise in the number of adolescent suicides in Kent.

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To support the thematic review summary, we have produced a short briefing paper summarising the findings and lessons from the review.

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